SLHS Employee Tuition Modification - Graduate Level Only

Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences provides tuition modifications for full-time employees of Saint Luke’s Health System enrolled in the graduate degree or certificate program. Employees are eligible to participate if he/she is active and employed full-time at least one year prior to the semester beginning. Benefits apply only to graduate level course tuition. Tuition charges will be adjusted at a 10% discount.
Fees are not considered a part of this policy, including course-specific fees. This discount is not available to students enrolled in undergraduate programs. The employee must remain employed within SLHS while enrolled. If an employee terminates employment for any reason prior to the end of the semester, he/she is no longer eligible for the modification and the amount will be reapplied to their account. 
To take advantage of this benefit, employees must complete the application process each term.
Application Process
  1. 1. The employee must complete the Tuition Modification Form.
  2. 2. The completed form must be signed by the employee’s cost center manager. 
  3. 3. A copy of student's work ID badge must accompany Tuition Modification Form.
  4. 4. The completed Tuition Modification Form and copy of work ID badge must be received in the Business Office prior to the beginning of the semester. Incomplete forms or forms received after this time may not be considered for tuition modification.
  5. 5. The Business Office will review the form and apply the necessary discount to the student’s account.
  6. 6. Students can view the modification through mySLC: Self Service.