Title IV Aid Attendance Policy

Students who fail to attend any classes will be ineligible for Title IV financial aid. Federal Financial Aid eligibility is based on courses actually attended. If notification of non-attendance in any class is received at any time, the determination of federal financial aid eligibility will be re-evaluated for that term and may result in financial aid forfeiture and/or a balance due to the College. In addition, the following are circumstances in which a student’s Title IV aid will be adjusted/prorated:

  • Withdrawal/dropping of classes prior to the first posting of financial aid may result in a reduction or adjustment to the awarded Title IV aid. 
  • Federal regulations require the College to complete a Return to Title IV Aid Calculation for students who stop attending all classes at any point throughout the semester (see Return to Title IV policy listed in the catalog for more information). This recalculation is based on the last date of attendance during the semester regardless of whether the student withdrew officially or simply stopped attending classes (unofficial withdrawal).