Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid

Federal regulations require students to meet satisfactory academic standards in order to receive federal financial assistance. The two standards utilized by the College to determine satisfactory academic progress are quantitative and qualitative.

Quantitative progress requires students to pass a minimum number of credit hours. Qualitative progress requires students to earn a predetermined Saint Luke’s College cumulative grade point average. Students must be in compliance with the Colleges wrote standards for both quantitative and qualitative progress to maintain eligibility for any type of federal financial assistance. Students failing to maintain satisfactory academic progress will be ineligible for further federal financial assistance until academic progress guidelines are met. Final quantitative and qualitative progress will be assessed annually.

Saint Luke’s College will attempt to notify students when they have not maintained satisfactory academic progress. However, students are responsible for being aware of the satisfactory academic progress policies and eligibility guidelines even if the College’s notification is not received.