New Year, New Look, New Students, New Programs and a Renewed Sense of Pride

Dear Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences family,
First and foremost, welcome back to a new academic year! As always, let me start by thanking our new students, their parents, their children and their significant others for entrusting Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences with your education. I hope this 2018-2019 brings much joy to all of us.
During the last couple of months, many good things have been happening at our institution. First, let me call your attention to the look and feel of our College building. Our institution looks more beautiful than ever. A brand-new design to the inside walls and to our façade are highlighting the College’s name and logo, truly making a statement of what our College represents to our community. The logo, with multicolored ribbons, represent the triad of student, the College, and Saint Luke’s working in concert toward a common goal through the educational journey of students while reinforcing the inclusive nature of the College, which embraces diversity and a global perspective.
Second, and as we promised during this strategic phase of growth, we have welcomed new students from diverse backgrounds into our new non-nursing programs: medical assisting and allied health. The College now has a new and very diverse student profile: first-time freshmen, adults returning to school, and several students who are the first in their family to attend college. This speaks to our commitment of supporting diversity, of intentionally serving students who have not historically been served, and to embracing cultural awareness.
Our mission and promise remain intact: we are an institution that is committed to providing transformational, personal and global-minded health care education to our students. Through this journey, we believe our students today will be the health care leaders of tomorrow. Our vision, however, continues to change and evolve. Our College, through the experience offered to students and through our community outreach and involvement, we are not only fostering each student’s potential, but we are striving to make a societal change in our communities of interest. This is truly an ambitious vision but one that we believe we have the capacity to reach, promoting social change through students and graduates.
Because of these and many other reasons, we have a renewed sense of pride and ownership towards our College, our institution is stronger than ever and therefore holds an even brighter future. We continue to be true to our promise and commitment: growing and revitalizing our institution, focusing on and positively impacting our community, and opening the doors of our College.
As always, thank you for believing in Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences.
Hubert Benitez, DDS, PhD
President and Chief Executive Officer
Barbara Meinke and Robert A. Kleist Endowed Professor