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Below please find additional information about the Rockhurst University and Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences formal agreement:

A: Rockhurst University (RU) ended a nursing partnership with another institution in 2018 in order to pursue a new partnership that would provide an opportunity for RU to grow and further meet the demands for higher education in the health care field in Kansas City, and concurrently increase access for a more diverse student population.

Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences’ Vision 2020 Strategic Plan was developed with the understanding that the College needed to be prepared for and responsive to trends in higher education, health care, liberal arts, and general education. The College understood that it had opportunities and responsibilities in addressing workforce development needs.

The formal agreement between Rockhurst University and Saint Luke’s enhances each institution’s capabilities on fulfilling these needs. Once approved, combining these two prestigious institutions will expand the breadth and scope of academic offerings, enrich co-curricular programs, and improve resources and the overall student experience.

A: It’s currently planned to be no earlier than spring 2020. Updates will be provided as new details emerge and the timeline for regulatory approvals required for the formal agreement comes into greater focus.

A: The proposed agreement will not alter students’ existing programs, including those starting in fall 2019. No programs will be terminated or substantially modified as a result of the formal agreement, and students currently in programs at Rockhurst University or Saint Luke’s will be able to complete the programs for which they are currently enrolled.

A: No. Students currently enrolled or being recruited to Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences will continue to pay their advertised tuition.

A: There will be no change to financial aid.

A: It depends on when the formal agreement is approved by regulatory authorities and finalized. Once the agreement is approved and finalized, all degrees will be awarded by Rockhurst University. So, if the formal agreement is completed after Saint Luke’s spring commencement date, which we anticipate, the 2020 graduating class’ degree will be awarded by Saint Luke’s. We anticipate students graduating in 2021 will receive degrees from Rockhurst University.

A: No. The requirements for graduation will remain the same as they currently are for Saint Luke’s students, including those starting in fall 2019.

A: Classes will remain at their current location at 624 Westport Road while Rockhurst renovates Sedgwick Hall, planned to be completed by fall 2022.

A: Once the formal agreement is approved, Rockhurst would love to have you join the team. Rockhurst has numerous student employment opportunities.

A: Once the formal agreement is approved, Rockhurst would love to have you be a part of its athletic teams. Rockhurst University offers a variety of club and intramural sports. Participation in varsity sports will be determined by the NCAA at the appropriate time.

A: Both Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences and Rockhurst University are committed to answering your questions throughout this transaction. For more information and additional FAQs please visit the Rockhurst website.

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