The College provides academic help to students through peer mentoring. Peer mentors are trained to facilitate learning and mentor students across BSN cohorts. They facilitate regular small-group study sessions, course reviews and exam reviews for selected classes helping students to master course material and to prepare for examinations. They also facilitate student learning in the skills lab. One-on-one tutoring may be available if additional assistance is needed after regular attendance at the study sessions, course reviews and exam reviews 
Peer mentors also serve in a leadership role for special campus events and assist with new student orientations. Peer mentors are recruited based on faculty recommendations and their grades in Foundations, Adult Health, Pathophysiology and Pharmacology. Faculty recommend the BSN students with adequate grades to apply and interview for a peer mentor position. The College employs 12-17 peer mentors each semester. 
Fall 2018 Peer Mentors
Erika Brown
Meredith Brownell
Brooklyn Cornish
Mary Crooks
Kalaina Koehler
Caitlin Lamb
Rebekah Lee
Brady Lindenmann
Erin Murphy
Amanda Pouch
Amber Ramsey
Brittany Register
Fathe Stone
Carly Triggs
Allison Ullman
Ellie Williams
Mia Woodward
The peer mentoring position is part of the student employment program at the College. For more information contact Sue McLaughlin at