MSN Transferring Credit

Transferability of credits from Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences to other institutions would be at the discretion of the receiving institution.
  • A maximum of twelve credit hours may be transferred into the master’s degree program at Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences.
  • Transfer credit requests are approved by the program director.
  • Courses must be equivalent to courses in the MSN tracks at SLCHS.
  • Consideration of transfer credit must occur as part of the admissions process and will not be considered after a student has begun the program.
  • Transfer credit will be applied to the student’s graduate academic record only after 12 hours are completed at SLCHS.
  • Transfer credit must be at the graduate level and earned from a regionally accredited college or university.
  • The student must have an earned a grade in the course of B or higher to be considered for transfer.
  • Graduate school candidates will interview with the program director and another graduate faculty member. As a part of that interview process, the candidate must declare their intention to transfer credit to Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences.
  • The program director will evaluate the candidate’s transcript for course transferability based on the established policy and guidelines. When a course or courses have been determined eligible for transfer, the program director will notify the registrar. The registrar will add the credit to the student’s academic record following the aforementioned policy and guidelines.