Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Direct Entry Eligibility Requirements


Once a student is in the final semester of their Associate of Science in Allied Health degree program at Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences, they may apply to the BSN program if they meet the eligibility requirements below. The direct-entry option gives good students a competitive advantage over applicants from other associate degree programs.


Eligibility Requirements

  1. Complete all required nursing prerequisite credits and associate of science degree requirements

  2. Earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 with no grade below a B in any course

  3. No course taken at Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences can be repeated (including Ws) to remain eligible for the direct-entry option

  4. Students must maintain full-time enrollment status (>12 credit hours) during their final two semesters at the College

  5. Fulfillment of all additional BSN admissions requirements as listed in the College Catalog, including successful completion of a criminal background check, drug test, clinical readiness requirements, and U.S. residency status

  6. Students transferring in any coursework:

    • Courses must have been taken from a CHEA recognized institution

    • With a C, D, F or W grades, student must successfully repeat those courses at the College first 

    • Science prerequisite courses must be completed no more than five years prior to enrollment to the College


If students meet the eligibility requirements, they would then need to:
Complete a direct-entry BSN application in the final semester before earning the associate of science degree. Formal admission will not occur until final grades for the semester have been posted and all additional requirements have been met.