Tuition and Fees Appeal

You may appeal tuition and fees via the Tuition/Fees petition form. The tuition/fees appeal must be based on documented circumstances that were clearly beyond the student’s control such as medical reasons, death in the immediate family, or College error. Appeals may be submitted to the College Business Office and should be substantiated with documentation. Types of required documentation may include doctor and hospital reports, legal documents, written statement/information from a relative or other official source as deemed appropriate by the Student Affairs Committee.

Written appeals and all supporting documentation must be received by the Business Office no later than the last day of exams for the semester in which the charge was assessed. The Student Affairs Committee will review the written appeal and supporting documentation. You will be notified in writing of the appeal decision.

To appeal the decision of the Student Affairs Committee, you must submit a written appeal and all supporting documentation to the President’s Office within 14 days from the date of the Student Affairs Committee’s written response. The decision of the President is final.

Click HERE for the Tuition and Fees Petition Form