Academic Calendar
Spring—Summer 2017

Spring 2017 
1/16/17Martin Luther King, Jr. Day—No Classes
1/17/17Spring Semester Begins
1/17/17Tuition and Fees Due
3/13-3/17/17Spring Break—No Classes
3/20/172nd 8 week classes begin
4/14/17Good Friday—No Classes
5/12/17Spring Semester Ends
Summer 2017 
5/29/2017Memorial Day—No Classes
5/30/17Summer Semester Begins
Tuition and Fees Due
7/4/17Independence Day—No Classes
8/4/17Summer Semester Ends


Academic Calendar
Fall 2017—Summer 2019

Fall 2017 
8/28/17Fall Semester Begins—All Programs
8/28/17Tuition and Fees Due
9/4/17Labor Day—No Classes
RN to BSN Fall I Courses End
10/19/17RN to BSN Fall II Courses Begin—Tuition and Fees Due
11/20-11/24/17Thanksgiving Break—No Classes
12/15/17Fall Semester Ends—All Programs
12/16/17Graduation—All Programs If Applicable
Spring 2018 
1/8/18Spring Semester Begins—All Programs
1/8/18Tuition and Fees Due
1/15/18Martin Luther King Day—No Classes
2/28/18RN to BSN Spring I Courses End
3/1/18RN to BSN Spring II Courses Begin—Tuition and Fees Due
3/12-3/16/18Spring Break—No Classes
4/27/18Spring Semester Ends—All Programs
4/28/18Graduation—All Programs If Applicable
Summer 2018 
5/7/18Summer Semester Begins—All Programs
5/7/18Tuition and Fees Due
5/28/18Memorial Day—No Classes
6/27/18RN to BSN Summer I Courses End
RN to BSN Summer II Courses Begin—Tuition and Fees Due
7/2-7/6/18Summer Break-—No Classes
8/24/18Summer Semester Ends—All Programs
Fall 2018 
8/30/18Fall Semester Begins—All Programs
8/30/18Tuition and Fees Due
9/3/18Labor Day—No Classes
10/17/18RN to BSN Fall I Classes End
10/22/18RN to BSN Fall II Classes Begin—Tuition and Fees Due
11/19-11/23/18Thanksgiving Break—No Classes
12/15/18Graduation—All Programs If Applicable
12/19/18Fall Semester Ends—All Programs
Spring 2019 
1/7/19Spring Semester Begins—All Programs
1/7/19Tuition and Fees Due
1/21/19Martin Luther King Day—No Classes
2/27/19RN to BSN Spring I Classes End
2/28/19RN to BSN Spring II Classes Begin—Tuition and Fees Due
3/11-3/15/19Spring Break—No Classes
4/26/19Spring Semester Ends—All Programs
4/27/19Graduation—All Programs If Applicable
Summer 2019 
5/6/19Summer Semester Begins—All Programs
5/6/19Tuition and Fees Due
5/27/19Memorial Day—No Classes
6/26/19RN to BSN Summer I Classes End
6/27/19RN to BSN Summer II Classes Begin—Tuition and Fees Due
7/1-7/5/19Summer Break—No Classes
Summer Semester Ends—All Programs

Drop/Add/Withdraw Dates

 5-week course
 1st 8-week
2nd  8-week
Fall 2016     
Last day to Add/Drop11/4/20168/19/201610/21/20168/19/20168/26/2016
Last day to withdraw11/18/20169/21/201611/23/20169/30/201610/28/2016
Spring 2017     
Last day to Add/Drop4/7/20171/20/20173/24/20161/20/20171/27/2017
Last day to withdraw4/26/20172/22/20174/26/20172/22/20173/31/2017