Students have many opportunities to explore various nusing careers throughout their program

Nursing is a very diverse career from which graduates choose many different paths. As students move through the curriculum they have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of specialty areas which provide them with information. They also have the ability to network with many professional nurses in these areas, from whom they gain a sense of what it is like to work in a particular specialty.

Students are taught the elements of resume writing and actually write their own resumes. They are also taught about effective interviewing to assist with applying for positions.

The College is supplied with multiple copies of the Kansas City Nursing News, which is published weekly and has several pages devoted to the local job market. Students are kept informed about, and encouraged to attend nursing related career fairs which occur periodically in the Kansas City area and occasionally at the College.

Students have access to the Internet through which they can obtain national as well as local information about job openings. One such database is located at Nursing on the World Wide Web.

Meeting with your faculty advisor and other College faculty is another way students can explore various nursing careers. Our faculty represent a wide ranging span of nursing experience and are role models of specialists in their respective fields. They are happy to share their experience and expertise with students, as well as provide them with information about a particular area of nursing.

B.S.N. students take a course designed to prepare them for their careers--"N494 Transition to Professional Practice." The course description follows:

In the promotion of successful entry into the nursing profession for quality, safe, effective practice, this course provides students with information regarding the NCLEX-RN test plan and testing process for RN licensure. Emphasis is given to individual remediation based on NCLEX-RN predictor performance. Additionally, this course equips the student to synthesize prior knowledge, addresses issues relevant to the registered nurse, and prepares the student for entry into the practice of nursing.