Multiple scholarships are provided by our alumni and friends

Applications for scholarships are accepted twice a year. In 2013 the College was able to award more than $250,000 in scholarship support for our nursing students.

Students may apply for a Saint Luke's Foundation scholarship each semester. There is a single application that students can complete in order to be considered for a Foundation scholarship. Students will be notified by email when the application is available. There is generally a 3-4 week timeframe for students to complete the online application. Recipients are notifed via email if they have been awarded a scholarship. Scholarship funds are applied to their student account during the first week of classes.

Dr. Daniel and Doris Aks Memorial Nursing Scholarship: Scholarship established in 2012 in honor and memory of Dr. Daniel and Doris Aks. Preference is given to senior student interested in labor and delivery nursing.

American Dream Scholarship and Loan Fund for Single Parents: Scholarship established in 2012 by Dr. Dean and Aleta Hubbard to help single parents achieve their nursing education goals.

Francis W. and Julia Bartlett Nursing Scholarship: Francis W. Bartlett was best known in the Kansas City area as a former president and chairman of the board at Bartlett & Company Grain, Inc. of Kansas City. He passed away in 1988. He was an honorary member of the Saint Luke’s Hospital Board and served on the Foundation’s Board of Directors. The Bartlett Scholarship is presented annually to an outstanding senior student at Saint Luke’s College.

Ella Frances Brisley and Norma Brisley Phillips Nursing Scholarship: The Brisley-Phillips family comes from Sedalia, Missouri. The family seeks giving opportunities that benefit minorities and offers community service. The family awarded the Saint Luke’s College scholarship to support the quality education offered to all students.

The Rosa Kohl Charles Nursing Scholarship: Rosa Kohl Charles was very supportive of nursing education at Saint Luke’s and started this scholarship in 1989.

David L. Coe Nursing Scholarship: Mr. Coe began this scholarship in 1996 in appreciation for the nursing care he received as a patient. He passed away in 2000 leaving a generous estate gift, which provides continued funding for this award. The scholarship is awarded each year to a junior student and is renewable for the student’s senior year based on academic achievement.

Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Dean Nursing Scholarship: Mr. Dean served as chair of the College Committee of the Saint Luke’s Hospital Board of Directors. Mr. and Mrs. Dean’s commitment to Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences provides a scholarship to support academic achievement.

Betty Grace Dille Nursing Scholarship: The Saint Luke’s Nursing Alumni Association named this scholarship in honor of the outstanding service Miss Dille provided to the school and students. Miss Dille graduated from Saint Luke’s School of Nursing in 1943 and worked in various roles at the school until her retirement in 1985. Each year junior students have the opportunity to apply for this scholarship. The Alumni Association Scholarship committee selects the recipients.

Louise and Elizabeth Nave Flarshein Nursing Scholarship: Scholarship was established from the estate of Elizabeth Nave Flarsheim.

Teresa A. Fortune Memorial Nursing Scholarship: This scholarship was established in 2007 by the family and friends of Teresa Fortune to celebrate her love of nursing.

Dr. and Mrs. Paul A. Gempel: Dr. Gempel was on staff at Saint Luke’s Hospital from 1944 – 1946. He organized the medical library, lectured in the school of nursing, and was instrumental in gaining accreditation for the OB-GYN residency program. This scholarship was started by Dr. & Mrs. Gempel’s family and friends.

Zeta R. Gilles Nursing Scholarship: This fund was established in 1988 through an estate gift from Zeta R. Gilles to preserve the high quality of nursing education at Saint Luke’s.

Essie Glasscock Memorial Nursing Scholarship: Essie McColly Glasscock, a 1933 graduate of Saint Luke’s Hospital School of Nursing funded this endowed scholarship through an estate gift to the Foundation in 2003.

Goppert Family Nursing: The Goppert Foundation established the endowed Goppert Family Nursing Scholarship at Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences in 2004. This gift is especially meaningful because Sally Cressman, Class of 1954 was a member of the Goppert family.

Dick Howser Memorial Nursing Scholarship: Dick Howser, former manager of the Kansas City Royals, was a patient at Saint Luke’s Hospital. This scholarship was established following his death in 1987 in appreciation for the kindness and care the entire family received during his illness.

Margaret James Nursing Scholarship: Margaret Willhoit James, class of 1927 established this endowed scholarship through an estate gift. Mrs. James was a longtime friend of Saint Luke’s nursing education and left her legacy to the College to provide for future nurses.

Helen Jepson Nursing Scholarship: In celebration of Dr. Jepson’s work at Saint Luke’s, an endowed scholarship for faculty professional development was established by the Saint Luke’s College Committee.

Charles Lindstrom Education Scholarship: This fund was established by the Hospital Executive leadership group in recognition of the 28 years of outstanding service and leadership given Saint Luke’s Hospital by Charles C. Lindstrom as Chief Executive Officer.

Mary Elizabeth Martin Nursing Scholarship: Scholarship established in honor of Mary Elizabeth Martin to be awarded to a senior student at Saint Luke’s College.

Gerald T. McCann Memorial Nursing Scholarship: This endowed scholarship was established by Charles and Suzanne Thompson during the Centennial Campaign at Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences in memory of Gerald T. McCann. Suzanne served as the Chairperson of the Centennial Campaign.

Barbara Meinke Kleist Endowed Nursing Scholarship: Mrs. Kleist is a graduate of Saint Luke’s School of Nursing, Class of 1949. She endowed this scholarship in 1994 as a way to reinvest in her alma mater and help provide the same high quality nursing education that she received as a student.

Mary-Margaret Miller Nursing Scholarship: To show her appreciation of the nursing care she received as a patient, Mrs. Miller started this scholarship fund in 1988.

Veronica and Jim Mertz Nursing Scholarship Fund: Scholarship established in 2012 for a nursing student achieving a 3.5 cumulative G.P.A. or above. One scholarship award will be designated for a student representing the Hispanic community as indicated on the College or scholarship application form.

Richard R. Nelson Student Nursing Scholarship Fund: Established in 1980 to provide low-interest loan to nursing students. Mr. Nelson was the husband of Mrs. Helen Nelson and he served on the hospital board from 1950 to 1965 and was a member of the Foundation Honor Society. He passed away in March 1986.

Michelle Neville Memorial Nursing Scholarship: Michelle Berberich Neville was a 1979 graduate of Saint Luke’s School of Nursing. Michelle worked as a staff nurse and assistant head nurse at the hospital, and then joined the Saint Luke’s faculty. In 1991, Michelle became the Director of the Learning Resource Center and an Assistant Professor. When Michelle passed in March 2001, this scholarship was established through memorial contributions. It is awarded to a senior students based on a nomination process.

Thomas M. Pierson Memorial Nursing Scholarship: This scholarship was established in 1998 by David and Catherine Pierson in memory of their son, Thomas M. Pierson. This award expresses the Pierson’s deep appreciation for the excellent nursing care that Tom received at Saint Luke’s.

Renee Pernice Memorial Nursing Scholarship: The family and friends of Renee Pernice established this scholarship in 2009 to honor her love of nursing and nursing education. As an instructor at Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences, Renee’s kind spirit touched the lives of students, faculty and staff.

Saint Luke’s Nursing Alumni Scholarship Fund: Established in 1984 by nursing alumni to provide scholarships and awards to nursing college students.

Paul and Helen Shuck Ross Memorial Nursing Scholarship: Paul Ross started this scholarship in 1991 to help provide support for Saint Luke’s nursing students.

Grace Smith and Walter L. Smith Memorial Nursing Scholarship: The scholarship was established in 1983 by Karen Folsom who was Director of Clinical Services for Saint Luke’s Hospital Home Health Care. She started the fund in memory of her aunt, the nurse who inspired her and her father, who died when she was 16.

Vernetta W. Todd Memorial Nursing Scholarship: Scholarship established in 2007 in honor of Vernetta W. Todd.

Esther Bertram Wells Memorial Loan Fund: Established by Mr. James R. Wells in honor of his wife Esther Bertram Wells a Saint Luke’s College alumni.

Kaye Wiese Memorial Nursing Scholarship: Established in 1999 by the Wiese family and friends to provide a nursing scholarship for a student in financial need.

Helen Austin Woods and Mary Corrigan Woods Nursing Scholarship: Mr. Dick H. Woods, Sr., started this scholarship in 1978 to remember his wife Helen and daughter Mary, who was a senior nursing student at Saint Luke’s at the time of her passing.

Class Scholarships

The following Saint Luke’s College Classes have established scholarships: 1942, 1950, 1957, 1959, 1961, 1062, 1972, and 1977.