Repeating a Course 

A student may repeat a course only once. A student receiving an unsatisfactory grade of D or F in a nursing course at Saint Luke’s College must repeat the course at the College. 
If the student drops a course (refer to the Dropping a Course policy), the next enrollment in the course is not considered a repeat. If the student withdraws from a course (refer to the Withdraw from a Course policy) or completes the course to the point of receiving a grade, the next enrollment in the same course is considered a repeat of the course. If the student received a grade the first time enrolled in the course, this grade, as well as the second or repeated grade, will be recorded on the transcript. The student’s cumulative grade point average will reflect the grade received when the course was repeated. 
Nursing electives with a grade of D or F may be repeated either through retaking the same course or taking another elective. If another nursing elective is taken, the grade for each course will be recorded on the transcript, and the cumulative grade point average will include each course completed.
Students who receive an unsatisfactory grade in any two nursing courses within their program of study will be dismissed from the program. Although a student who received an unsatisfactory grade may retake a course and earn a passing grade, the original grade will still be counted in the dismissal policy.
Saint Luke’s College Policy AP-029 - Approved 9.9.2015