Faculty engage in continuous curriculum review to prepare undergraduate students for NCLEX-RN®

A BSN graduate must successfully pass the NCLEX-RN® in order to begin professional nursing practice as a Registered Nurse. NCLEX-RN® readiness is an outcome of engagement in a quality curricular program of study, knowledge acquisition and retention, and the development of analytical problem-solving skills.

Success on formative and summative standardized tests designed to assess NCLEX-RN® readiness is correlated with success on the NCLEX-RN®. The ATI (Assessment Technologies Institute) will be utilized the curriculum in order to provide a formative and summative assessment of NCLEX-RN® readiness and customized remediation plans.

Test results for each of these assessments will identify the specific content areas in which the student demonstrated strengths and weaknesses. Links will be provided for each identified area for remediation. From these links, students are able to review related content and apply concepts to practice test items.

Additionally, specialty and comprehensive practice tests and case studies are provided. Access codes for these additional resources are provided to students at the beginning of their program of study.