Saint Luke's College of Health Sciences is closely affiliated with Saint Luke's Health System

Mission Statement

Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences is an educational leader serving exceptional students pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees in health-related disciplines. As an independent institution of higher education closely affiliated with Saint Luke’s Hospital, the College seeks to prepare leaders to effectively meet health care needs in complex organizations and diverse populations. A broad base of knowledge derived from general education studies is integrated into each program as a foundation for personal growth, professional education and practice. A stimulating academic environment, employing multiple modes of instructional delivery, supports a curriculum that enhances thinking, promotes high quality, safe, evidence-based practice, develops leadership potential, fosters a community service orientation, and encourages lifelong learning.

Collaborative relationships with the Saint Luke's Health System enable the College to create unique educational programs


Saint Luke's College of Health Sciences aspires to be a leading educational institution for preparing professionals in the healing arts. Further, we seek to continue our collaborative relationship with the region’s quality leader, Saint Luke’s Hospital and the Saint Luke’s Health System, thus affording our students leading-edge clinical educational opportunities. We envision growing to a combined enrollment of 500 students in multiple disciplines by 2016.


  • Accountability is being responsible for consistency and fairness in our thoughts and actions. 
  • Integrity is individual responsibility and equality through a mutual commitment to each other and to the college.   
  • Knowledge is preparation of intelligent, humble, and passionate caregivers for service to others.
  • Professionalism is responsibly and efficiently demonstrating excellence to every population we serve.
  • Excellence is consistent dedication to being the best.
  • Respect is positive regard for each other through our actions and open and honest dialogue.
  • Leadership is providing results through an efficient and ethical approach to our work.