Students may obtain health services at Employee Health

Employee Health

The Employee Health Services location is:

Medical Health Plaza I, Suite 624 4320 Wornall Road 816-932-3176 (Free parking if you remember to have your ticket stamped)

Saint Luke's College students have the following services available through Saint Luke’s Hospital Employee Health:

1. TB testing

2. Hepatitis B vaccination

3. Hepatitis B titers

4. Influenza vaccination (if available)

5. MMR and Varicella vaccination Employee Health will provide a Physician or Nurse Practitioner for initial treatment for minor injuries or illness sustained while in the course of their student role.

Employee Health will provide follow up for all blood borne pathogen exposure and all other infectious agent exposures sustained during the student role, as specified by Medical Director of Employee Health Services. Maintenance of medical records for services provided will be available to students.

Employee Health can refer a student to their personal physician, if necessary.

Dental/Vision Dental and vision care is the responsibility of the student.

Hospitalization Insurance All students are required to be enrolled in a hospitalization insurance plan. Information about insurance plans is available for those who do not have coverage. Any portion of the medical/hospital costs not covered by insurance is the responsibility of the student and/or the student’s family.

Medications Medications may be purchased at Saint Luke’s Hospital pharmacy at a discount when the student identification badge is presented. Students are responsible for the cost of all medications. No medications are distributed by Nursing Skills Lab staff or other College staff. Students are not covered under Saint Luke’s Hospital

Worker’s Compensation

Medical Emergencies Dial 911 upon recognizing a medical emergency at the College. Be sure to include the street address, 624 Westport Road, and identify the floor. After 911 is called, notify the receptionist that emergency medical services are on the way and where to direct them. The receptionist will notify the appropriate staff.

Student Counseling Services  

As a student at Saint Luke’s College you have access to the Saint Luke’s Health System Student Assistance Program. This program offers students short term counseling services. The number of visits is typically based on recommendations by your health provider after the initial visit. Generally 70 percent of all employees/family members seen in the Saint Luke’s College SAP receive all the counseling they need during these visits. Additionally, all College students are required to demonstrate evidence of personal health insurance; therefore your personal policy may assist in additional coverage of counseling services, or medication, if needed. The Student Assistant Program counselors are licensed, masters or doctoral level psychologists, clinically trained social workers and/or licensed professional counselors.

You may contact Student Assistant Program at the following phone numbers 1-800-327-1223 or 816-931-3073 to arrange a confidential appointment. Other sources available outside of Student Assistant Program include: or 800-273-8255 (free and confidential, 24 hour hotline)

 Kansas City Metro-wide Crisis Line, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault: 816-HOTLINE or 816-468-5463

 Kansas City Metropolitan CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children): 816-842-2272

 Child Abuse Prevention Association: 816-252-8388