Friday, May 9, 2014 Spring Graduation Details

Commencement will be held at the:

Kansas City Scottish Rite, 1330 East Linwood Boulevard, Kansas City, Missouri 64109 

Friday, May 9 at 5:00 p.m.

Guests Graduating candidates are not restricted to guest passes. This is an important day and we want you to celebrate this with friends and family. Guests need to be seated no later than 4:50 p.m. to allow for the processional.graduation ceremony and activities are held twice a year on a Friday in December and May.

Students are not restricted on the number of guests they invite to graduation.

Everyone is invited to attend the reception which immediately follows held in the main entrance hall and side rooms. The College hires a photographer to take photos of each graduate as they receive their "diploma" from the College President. Class photos and candid shots are also taken and available on Shutterfly within 24 hours so students can order copies of their photo and/or candid pictures. A mandatory rehearsal for graduation will take place the morning of graduation. Second semester senior students will receive an email in early November or March regarding collection of cap and gowns and exiting information from the college, as well as other graduation information.

Gowns/Caps/Tassel Gowns/caps and tassel will be available for collection from the office of Tere Naylor the week of November 25. Please try on your cap and gown immediately to verify fit. Gowns/caps and tassels are yours to keep. Hanging your gown immediately may reduce the need to iron it prior to Commencement. Students with SLCHS honor society cords should wear them at Commencement.

Dressing Area A dressing area will be designated at the rehearsal. There is no place to lock personal items during Commencement. Please leave personal items in your car or with your guests.

Rehearsal All graduating candidates must attend rehearsal. Rehearsal will move as quickly as you allow it to – We need to run through lining up, processional, seating, photo stance receiving degree, pledge and candle lighting – also addressing any last minute questions you may have.

Parking The Scottish Rite has a large parking lot and adequate adjacent parking to accommodate visitors.