Dismissal from the College

A student may be dismissed from the undergraduate nursing program at Saint Luke’s College for the following reasons:
  • A student does not enroll for two consecutive semesters, excluding the summer term.
  • A student fails to complete the nursing curriculum in four calendar years.
  • A student fails to achieve a satisfactory grade in a repeated nursing course, including elective courses.
  • A student withdraws from more than three nursing courses.
  • A student who receives unsatisfactory grades in any two nursing courses throughout the curriculum will be dismissed from the program. Although a student who received an unsatisfactory grade in a course may retake the course and earn a passing grade, the original grade will still be counted in the dismissal policy.
  • Additional reasons for dismissal appear in the Academic Policies section of the Catalog. 
  • Student academic progression will be determined each semester by the Registrar.
Saint Luke’s College Policy AP-034 - Effective 9.9.2015