Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)
Admission Requirements

The BSN program accepts applications twice a year. Apply for spring 2020 through August 1, 2019.
The BSN program now accepts applications via (application link below).

Completed application packets will be reviewed on a schedule as determined by the Admissions Committee. Fulfillment of minimum admission criteria does not guarantee admission to the College. Applicants are considered for admission based on their potential to complete the program, their possession of necessary functional abilities, and their ability to meet the standards to apply for nursing licensure. We enroll a new class twice a year starting in the spring or fall.
The following minimum admission criteria are considered by the Admissions Committee in the selection of students:
  • 63 general education credits are required prior to starting the program including completion of a minimum of 36 semester hours of general education college coursework, including two of the four required natural science courses (Anatomy/lab, Chemistry/lab, Microbiology/lab, Physiology/lab) at time of application 
  • General education courses must be approved by Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences and required science courses must not be older than 10 years
  • Applicants may only repeat any required natural science course once
  • A minimum grade of C and a minimum GPA of 2.7 for all general education nursing transfer coursework
  • Graduation from an accredited high school or a GED
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or provide proof of U.S. Permanent Residency (copy of Permanent Resident Card).
  • Completion of the BSN Admissions Application (see section below)
  • Fulfillment of the BSN Additional Requirements (see section below)

BSN Admissions Application

The application must be filled out completely at
  • Official transcripts from an accredited High School or GED score and mailed directly to the admissions office or received from the issuing institution via a secure email to unless you already have a bachelor’s degree. Home-schooled students must provide proof of a GED or HiSET exam.
  • All official transcripts must be from a regionally accredited college or university and mailed directly to the admissions office or received from the issuing institution via a secure email. If you have a transcript from outside the United States, it must be evaluated by the World Education Service: or from Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. (ECE)
  • Advanced Placement (AP), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), and International Baccalaureate (IB) credits should be submitted on up-to-date transcripts.
  • A resume reflecting qualifications, work and volunteer information.
  • Applicants are required to submit two letters of reference. Click here for reference form.
  • Students who have been enrolled in another nursing program must provide a letter from a school official on college letterhead verifying reasons for withdrawal/dismissal.
  • Non-U.S. citizens must send a copy of their Permanent Resident Card to the admissions office.
  • Complete a two-page essay, typed and double-spaced. Include your full name as a header in your essay. Your essay must address each of the following topics:
    - Your reasons for choosing nursing as a career
    - Why you chose to apply to SLCHS
    - Your statement of educational and professional goals
    - If necessary, address parts of your academic record that you believe need explaining
  • You must fulfill the BSN Additional Requirements below.

BSN Additional Requirements

Students must complete all the immunizations listed below, with the exception of Hepatitis B, before starting clinical rotations. Failure to complete these requirements will limit your ability to continue in the program, as all immunization requirements must be fulfilled. 
Immunization documents must be dated, contain the student’s name and be signed by a medical provider OR be presented on official letterhead or with a portal screenshot. The documents must be uploaded to CastleBranch, the College’s student record portal, and approved. The immunization process takes time, so students must create their CastleBranch account (approximate fee $140) within five days of acceptance to the College. (Note: All nursing programs with clinicals in the KC metropolitan area require the same immunizations.)
Hepatitis B
Immunization and titer are recommended by the CDC. Students are required to begin the six-month, three-shot vaccine series for Hepatitis B within the first three weeks of the program start date. Post-vaccination serological test (surface antibody titer) should be drawn 4-8 weeks after the third vaccine. Hepatitis B series and titer must be completed within seven months of the program start date. Though not recommended, students can opt NOT to get the Hepatitis B vaccine and MUST SIGN the Hepatitis B Vaccine Waiver form found in CastleBranch. Any student who is diagnosed or exposed to an infectious disease is responsible for his/her own health care.
Measles, Mumps & Rubella (MMR)
Students must provide documentation of two MMR vaccinations at least 28 days apart OR a positive IgG titer for rubella, rubeola and mumps. 
TB Screen
The first TB screen must be completed by the first day of classes. If a TB screen is over 30 days old or has never been done, either a 2-Step TB test or an IGRA blood test must be completed. If there has been a positive TB result, the student must provide a 2-view PA and lateral clear chest x-ray along with a document from their health care provider stating that the student does not have infectious TB and complete the signs and symptoms questionnaire available from the BSN Track Director. 
Tetanus, Diphtheria & Pertussis
The student must upload evidence in CastleBranch of one dose of Tdap. A Td booster is required every 10 years or if wound injury occurs after five years since the last dose. 
Varicella  (Chicken Pox)
Students must upload documentation in CastleBranch of two Varicella vaccinations at least 28 days apart OR a positive titer for Varicella.
Background Check
Students participating in the program must complete a background check through Castle Branch. The background check will access the network of researchers and databases listed below and provide results to Saint Luke’s College:
  • Employment Verification
  • Family Care Missouri Safety Registry
  • Fraud and Abuse Control Information System (FACIS) Level 3 search, including an OIG check
  • Nationwide Healthcare Fraud and Abuse Scan
  • Nationwide Patriot Act
  • Nationwide Record Indicator (Checks county criminal history check, sex offender list, and Federal Excluded Parties Lists Systems (EPLS))
  • Residency History
  • Social Security Alert

After conducting the background check, students who have

  • Been convicted of any felony less than seven years prior to becoming a student at Saint Luke’s College; or
  • Been a student who has been convicted of any misdemeanor involving violence, sexual misconduct, theft or computer crimes, fraud or financial crimes, drug distribution, or crimes involving unlawful possession of a dangerous weapon less than seven years prior to becoming a student of Saint Luke’s College may not be allowed access to clinical sites.
  • Been flagged on one of the registries listed in the MO-KAN clinical orientation manual in D2L may be unable to attend the College and clinicals. The College and clinical partners will meet to decide if attendance is possible.
Though every effort will be made to find an appropriate clinical site, Saint Luke’s College and its affiliated clinical sites reserve the right, in its sole discretion, to reject the participation of any student based on the results of the screenings and the immunizations or the background check. If no clinical site can be found to meet the course requirements then the offer of admission will be rescinded.
Students who have been dismissed and readmitted to the program must complete a new background check and drug screen.
Each State Board of Nursing requires licensure in order to practice as a registered nurse. A misdemeanor and/or felony conviction may affect a graduate’s ability to sit for the NCLEX-RN® or attain state licensure or national certification. It is the student’s responsibility to contact and verify with the State Board of Nursing whether or not he or she will be able to apply for licensure and take the NCLEX-RN® or national certification. Saint Luke’s College does not control whether or not a student receives Registered Nurse licensing upon completion of the BSN program (approximately $200).
Alcohol and Drug Testing
It is the policy of Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences to maintain an alcohol, tobacco and drug-free workplace. Admitted students will be required to submit results of drug testing through CastleBranch. Students who test positive on their drug screening may not be allowed to participate in any clinical rotations and the admissions offer may be rescinded. Until further review from a medical review officer, applicants who provide an abnormally diluted sample will be offered the opportunity to take the drug test one more time.
Health Insurance Coverage
Students enrolled in all academic programs at SLCHS must provide documentation of personal health insurance coverage. Though not recommended, students may elect not to purchase health insurance coverage but must complete the health insurance waiver form.
BLS Affirmation
Students must provide proof of current American Heart Association BLS affirmation and upload to CastleBranch. This may be completed online but must also have a hands-on component checkoff to be acceptable. It is the responsibility of the students to obtain and maintain current BLS affirmation prior to and during their enrollment at Saint Luke’s College. A CPR class is given at the beginning of each semester (approximately $30). If the student is not present for this event, they must obtain the appropriate documentation from the American Heart Association with a hands-on component checkoff.
Color Blindness Screening 
Color blindness screen must be performed once at the beginning of the program and results documented. Screening must be done using a test which is approved by an ophthalmologist (i.e., Ishihara’s Test).
Latex Allergy
SLCHS cannot guarantee a 100% latex-free environment given the prevalence of latex in a medical setting. SLCHS will make reasonable efforts to reduce latex exposure as much as possible. Supplies labeled ‘natural latex-free’ will be provided for the student. SLCHS cannot guarantee that any product labeled ‘natural latex-free’ is free of the oil-derivate that comprise ‘synthetic latex.’ If a student self-identifies as latex allergic, Saint Luke’s College will require the student to have a Latex Allergy Test (approximately $200) and have their health care provider provide written documentation of what accommodations must be used while at SLCHS.
Confidentiality Statements
Students are required to complete three confidentiality statements including Saint Luke’s Health System, CNE/KCANE and classroom statements available in CastleBranch.
Collegiate Nurse Educators (CNE) 
The Collegiate Nurse Educators (CNE) manual must be read and the CNE exam passed with a 90% prior to starting the program.
Ongoing Student Requirements
All nursing students must meet the following annual requirements and upload to CastleBranch for approval. 
  • TB Screen
    Students must get a TB test annually and remain in compliance throughout the program. Students who have been asked to obtain a chest x-ray due to a positive skin test will not be asked to repeat the x-ray, however, completion of the TB questionnaire and a visit to the health care provider documenting no evidence of infectious TB is required annually.
  • Influenza 
    The influenza vaccination must be completed yearly, typically completed in October-November. After students have received their yearly influenza vaccine, they must submit dated and signed documentation by a medical professional of a flu shot administered. The College conducts a flu shot clinic where students may receive a free influenza vaccine in the fall. If your clinical site requires it prior to this attending clinical, you are responsible for obtaining a flu shot elsewhere.
  • Confidentiality statements must be signed annually.
  • The Collegiate Nurse Educators (CNE) manual must be read and the CNE exam passed with a 90% every year.
  • Complete the latex allergy questionnaire annually.
  • BLS affirmation is current throughout attendance at SLCHS biennially.
  • A background check or drug screening may be conducted at any time during attendance at SLCHS.