BSN Program Prerequisites

The first 63 credit hours of general education are completed at the regionally accredited school of your choice. Saint Luke’s College students complete 61 hours of nursing courses to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Required Courses for all Applicants

  • Chemistry + lab
  • Human Anatomy + lab
  • Human Physiology + lab
  • Microbiology + lab
  • College Algebra or Higher Math
  • English II 
  • Ethics/Logic/Philosophy
  • Human Development/Developmental Psychology
  • Nutrition
  • Statistics

Required Courses for Applicants without
an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree

  • English I 
  • General Psychology
  • Introduction to Sociology/Cultural Anthropology
  • Open Electives (major/non-major courses)
  • Speech/Oral Communication

Elective courses must be 100 level or higher, 3-credit hours or more, and non-nursing related. Electives can be chosen according to the student’s particular interests or needs. Examples of such electives are a foreign language, philosophy, literature, history, physics, mathematics, political science, biological sciences, economics, etc. 

At most colleges and universities, this list of courses will not add up to 63 semester credit hours. In addition to the list above, electives are required to meet the minimum of 63 semester credit hours.