Admission Selection Process for BSN Track

Complete application packets will be reviewed on a schedule as determined by the Admission Committee of the BSN Track. Fulfillment of minimum admission criteria does not guarantee admission to the College. Following review of the application by the Admissions Committee, members will make one of the following decisions:
1. The application is accepted for conditional admission.
2. The application is placed numerically on a stand-by list.
3. The application is denied.
The Admission’s Office notifies applicants by mail of acceptance into the program. As spaces become available, applicants on the stand-by list are accepted according to their numerical placement on the list.
Those applicants selected for admission to the BSN Degree track must:
1. Notify program of acceptance or refusal of the admission offer.
2. Submit a $200 non-refundable deposit to guarantee their placement. This deposit will be applied toward tuition.
3. Provide verification of clinical readiness prior to starting nursing classes:
a. A completed medical form and immunization update. (The physical examination form will be provided by Saint Luke’s College BSN Track.)
b. Current enrollment in a health insurance plan.
c. Background check (approximate fee $100)—administered by the College through a use of Certified Background. If a student does not pass the criminal background check, he or she may not be allowed access to clinical agencies. In this case, a student would not be able to meet course requirements, resulting in a failing grade for the course. These requirements are stipulated by clinical agencies before students are permitted to begin clinical experiences.
d. Current CPR certification must be from the American Heart Association in Healthcare Provider CPR. It is the responsibility of the students to obtain and maintain current CPR certification prior to and during their enrollment at Saint Luke’s College. Proof of current certification must be presented at the time of enrollment for students enrolling in a clinical course.
Applicants who have been conditionally accepted into the nursing program will be allowed to begin their upper division nursing courses provided:
1. They meet all the above-stated admission criteria and requirements;
2. Their grade point average is at or above a 2.7.