Leadership Team

Dr. Hubert Benitez, President and CEO
Phone: 816-936-8711
Email: hbenitez@saintlukescollege.edu

Dr. Karla Bruntzel, Dean of Health Sciences
Phone: 816-936-8712
Email: kbruntzel@saintlukescollege.edu

Dr. Victoria Grando, Dean of Nursing and Professor
Phone: 816-936-8715
Email: vgrando@saintlukescollege.edu

Marcia Ladage, Dean of Students and Title IX Coordinator
Phone: 816-936-8716
Email: mladage@saintlukescollege.edu

Dr. Melody Messner, Chief Development Officer
Phone: 816-936-8717
Email: mmessner@saintlukescollege.edu

Tere Naylor, Director of Institutional Effectiveness
Phone: 816-936-8726
Email: tnaylor@saintlukescollege.edu

Rebecca Peck, Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 816-936-8713
Email: rpeck@saintlukescollege.edu

Josh Richards, Director of Enrollment Management
Phone: 816-936-8718
Email: jmrichards@saintlukescollege.edu


Shaun Achee, Information Services Intern
Phone: 816-936-8774
Email: sachee@saintlukescollege.edu

Sarah Ashman, Financial Aid Advisor
Phone: 816-936-8741
Email: sashman@saintlukescollege.edu

Shanelle Brewster, Bursar
Phone: 816-936-8725
Email: sbrewster@saintlukescollege.edu
Email: businessoffice@saintlukescollege.edu

Shawnda Clark, Simulation Center Technician
Phone: 816-936-8732
Email: sclark@saintlukescollege.edu

Cheri Combs, College Services Associate - Financial Services
Phone: 816-936-8739
Email: ccombs@saintlukescollege.edu

Christian Cooper, Academic Advisor
Phone: 816-936-8776
Email: ccooper@saintlukescollege.edu

Laurie DeLong, Communications and Alumni Relations Manager
Phone: 816-936-8724
Email: ldelong@saintlukescollege.edu

Valerie Henley, Assistant Clinical Coordinator
Phone: 816-936-8731
Email: vhenley@saintlukescollege.edu

Jill Lenox, Undergraduate Admissions Manager
Phone: 816-936-8727
Email: jlenox@saintlukescollege.edu

Sue McLaughlin, Academic Advisor
Phone: 816-936-8734
Email: smclaughlin@saintlukescollege.edu

Veronica Navarro, College Services Associate - Admissions
Phone: 816-936-8736
Email: vnavarro@saintlukescollege.edu

Barbara Nutt, Registrar and Director of Records Management
Phone: 816-936-8778
Fax: 816-936-8771
Email: bnutt@saintlukescollege.edu
Email: registrar@saintlukescollege.edu

Michael Okpewho, Director of Information Services
Phone: 816-936-8733
Email: mokpewho@saintlukescollege.edu

Devena Singleton, Distance Education and Instructional Technology Manager
Phone: 816-936-8722
Email: dsingleton@saintlukescollege.edu

Jennifer Wright, Director of Financial Aid
Phone: 816-936-8728
Email: jrwright@saintlukescollege.edu

Victoria Bennett, Assistant Professor
Phone: 816-936-8754
Email: vbennett@saintlukescollege.edu

Brie Cantrell, Assistant Professor
Phone: 816-517-5248
Email: bcantrell@saintlukescollege.edu

Beth Cita, Director of RN-BSN Track and Assistant Professor
Phone: 816-936-8773
Email: bcita@saintlukescollege.edu

Janet Clark, Assistant Professor
Phone: 816-936-8752
Email: jclark@saintlukescollege.edu

Lauren Dercher, Instructor
Phone: 816-936-8777
Email: ldercher@saintlukescollege.edu

Laura Grier, Instructor
Phone: 816-936-8723
Email: lgeissler@saintlukescollege.edu

Deb Grandstaff, Associate Professor
Phone: 816-936-8758
Email: dgrandstaff@saintlukescollege.edu

Nathan Hagen, Assistant Professor
Phone: 816-936-8756
Email: nhagen@saintlukescollege.edu

Shane J. Hagen, Director of AG-ACNP Track and Assistant Professor
Phone: 816-936-8763
Email: shagen@saintlukescollege.edu

Jane Hedrick, Professor
Phone: 816-936-8714
Email: jhedrick@saintlukescollege.edu

Karen Komoroski, Professor
Phone: 816-936-8767
Email: kkomoroski@saintlukescollege.edu

Nancy Krahl, Associate Professor
Phone: 816-936-8765
Email: nkrahl@saintlukescollege.edu

Kay Luft, Associate Professor
Phone: 816-936-8759
Email: kluft@saintlukescollege.edu

Vicki Meek, Associate Professor and Clinical Coordinator
Phone: 816-936-8766
Email: vmeek@saintlukescollege.edu

Terra Merrick, Assistant Professor
Phone: 816-936-8772
Email: tmerrick@saintlukescollege.edu

Cindy Motley, Associate Professor
Phone: 816-936-8735
Email: cmotley@saintlukescollege.edu

Caroline Olawaiye, Assistant Professor
Phone: 816-936-8755
Email: colawaiye@saintlukescollege.edu

Annie Oliver, Instructor
Phone: 816-936-8764
Email: aoliver@saintlukescollege.edu

Jamie Parks, Interim Simulation Center Manager and Instructor
Phone: 816-936-8779
Email: jparks@saintlukescollege.edu

Mary Poskin, Instructor
Phone: 816-936-8737
Email: mposkin@saintlukescollege.edu

Janet Scalet, Associate Professor
Phone: 816-936-8775
Email: jscalet@saintlukescollege.edu

Emma L. Shotton, Assistant Professor
Phone: 816-936-8762
Email: eshotton@saintlukescollege.edu

Teresa Denk Smajda, Assistant Professor
Phone: 816-936-8769
Email: tsmajda@saintlukescollege.edu

Christal Smith, Instructor
Phone: 816-936-8721
Email: chsmith@saintlukescollege.edu

Katie Taylor, Assistant Professor
Phone: 816-936-8751
Email: ktaylor@saintlukescollege.edu

Luda Teterina, Assistant Professor
Phone: 816-936-8757
Email: lteterina@saintlukescollege.edu

Diana Tilton, Assistant Professor
Phone: 816-936-8753
Email: dtilton@saintlukescollege.edu

James Waterman, Assistant Professor
Phone: 816-936-8719
Email: jwaterman@saintlukescollege.edu

Sharon White-Lewis, Director of BSN Track and Associate Professor
Phone: 816-936-8761
Email: swhitelewis@saintlukescollege.edu