Demand for Nurses means expanding Nursing Programs.

A recent AACN article said that “The IOM report calls for preparing at least 80% of the RN workforce at the baccalaureate level by 2020 as well as a doubling of the number of nurses with doctorates." Learn more about the growing demand for Nursing Programs in the AACN article.

CCNE Site Visit a Success

The Graduate Program recently completed their on-site CCNE (Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education) evaluation. Based on our exit interview with the Team, we received the best possible outcome -- the Team finding that the Graduate Program meets

Saint Luke's College Student Given the Mayor's Character Award

Every year, Lee’s Summit Cares Foundation honors community members that have exhibited true character. This year, Saint Luke’s College student Kiana Lovelace won the Mayor's Character Award. Kiana, a first semester Junior (J1), was selected from over 50 nominees. Kiana was chosen for her exceptional service as an anatomy tutor at Metropolitan Community College Longview. Congratulations on your accomplishments Kiana! 


Students Volunteer at Ronald McDonald House

Students volunteered several hours of their time this past Saturday serving dinner at the Ronald McDonald House. This is one of many monthly volunteer events hosted by SLSNA. 


“The goal of SLSNA (Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences Student Nursing Association) is to provide opportunities for the student to develop professionally as they transition into nurses,” shared Zachary Parish, SLSNA president. It’s a great way to network with other current and future nurses through the various activities and volunteer events SLSNA hosts. Zach explained that networking is huge for nurses in the healthcare industry, and SLSNA is there to help these connections develop.

ATI Live Review Wrap Up

Seniors spent the last three days at the ATI Live Review. ATI is hired to help prepare students for their NCLEX-RN Board Exam. It was an information-packed three days giving students the test-taking skills and knowledge they need to be successful on their exams. Good luck to all our Seniors.



Top Five Things to Know About Ebola

Nurses are often are asked about current health care challenges. Specifically, people may ask you about Ebola. Questions may come from friends and family or from patients you see in outreach clinics or in other clinical learning experiences.
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