Saint Luke's College Student Describes VALOR Internship

Amy Hudson, a second-semester senior at Saint Luke’s College was selected for a paid internship at the Veterans Administration in Kansas City last summer. She was assigned to the emergency department, but also had opportunities to work in the intensive care unit, and catheterization laboratory/surgery areas. By the end of the summer she was doing 10 to 12 I.V.s a day, daily catheterizations, and nasogastric intubation. During her internship she also completed advanced cardiovascular life support certification, and cardiac monitor certification. Kansas City Veterans Administration selects 10 summer interns who are paid 80 percent of a beginning nursing salary and work 80 hours each pay period. The internship program is titled, “VALOR” for Veterans Administration Learning Opportunities Residency. To apply, you must be a junior in an “appropriate accredited program…have a minimum GPA of 3.0.” The VA Learning Opportunities Residency (VALOR) Program gives outstanding registered nursing students who have completed their junior year in an accredited clinical program the opportunity to develop competencies in clinical nursing while at a VA-approved health care facility. Learning opportunities include didactic or classroom experiences, competency-based clinical practice with a qualified RN preceptor, and participation in nursing-focused clinical conferences. VALOR participants who take a position with VA upon graduation are usually hired one-to-three steps above the entry-level salary rate established for new graduates. This is because VALOR participants are already oriented to VA and its practice requirements. VALOR students may be appointed on a full- or part-time basis during the summer months, and may continue during their senior academic year on a part-time basis. Contact the nursing education department at your local medical center for more information about the VALOR Program and how to apply. Hudson prepared for her interview by practicing questions from the Nurse Interview site and believes that preparation helped her in getting selected. “My cover letter and references helped me get an interview and going over questions in advance made a big difference too,” she said. Resource: For more information contact:
    Melody Messner Director of Communications - Educational Programs 816-932-6765 office 660-541-3145 cell Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences 624 Westport Road Kansas City, Mo. 64111