Saint Luke’s College holds its Sigma Theta Tau International chartering ceremony and induction

On April 9, 2018, the College celebrated its membership into Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing (STTI). The celebration took place at Kauffman Foundation Conference Center and included a chartering ceremony, induction and reception.
The College’s Honor Society was founded in 2009. Since 2009, the Honor Society Board has worked tirelessly to become an STTI chapter. To be considered for chapter membership, an institution must demonstrate several cycles of leadership succession, be financially sound, sponsor two continuing education programs for members, and hold regular business meetings.
Director of the Sigma Board Dr. Sandra C. Bibb officiated the chartering ceremony. Bibb is Dean and Professor of the College of Health Professions at Wichita State University.
“This is the beginning of your STTI journey and it opens up a world of opportunity,” Bibb explained. “Be sure to get involved and take advantage of all the countless leadership opportunities available through STTI.”
The ceremony celebrated 76 inductees. Some were entirely new to STTI, while others switched or added Saint Luke’s College Psi Chi Chapter 548 to their STTI membership.
To be considered for STTI, students must have completed their first two semesters of their nursing program and demonstrated academic excellence and leadership potential. Nurse leaders must have completed their bachelor’s degree in nursing, hold a nursing license and demonstrate achievement in nursing. Once invited to STTI, members pay a yearly membership.
The Psi Chi board members are President Mary Goodrich ’87 and ‘01, Vice President Melissa Hodges ’17, Treasurer Annie Oliver ‘13 and ’17, Secretary Jessica Staley ’14, Leadership Succession Julie Lang ’10, Governance Lynne Swant ’14, and Faculty Counselor Kay Luft. 
The board plans to hold another induction ceremony in August of this year. The ceremony will host previous College Honor Society members who want to become STTI members.
To learn more about STTI membership, contact President Mary Goodrich at for more information.