Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences Partners with AIDS WALK KC

Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences has partnered with AIDS Walk Kansas City and other community groups to raise awareness and support for people living with HIV/AIDS. 
You can support the AIDS Walk Kansas City by participating in the March events listed below, signing up for the College AIDS Walk Kansas City team on Saturday, April 29, 2017, or donating to the cause.
The College's goal is to raise $4,000 towards this project. Everyone is encouraged to participate including students, staff and faculty. 

Creating Opportunities: Changing Lives
Here are the March calendar of events:
KICK OFFIt Matters
March 1-31It Makes Cents
March 1-31Be President
March 3With Your Best Friend 
March 6Wear Jeans
March 20It’s Our Goal 
March 27 Share a Meal 
March 28Roll the Dice
April 29 AIDS Walk Kansas City 
  • Changing Lives: It Matters – Goal $2,250
    All faculty, staff, students and board members are invited to pledge a donation of $4 and ask a friend/family member to make a donation of $4 during the first two weeks of March
    For more information: Contact: Luda Teterina (faculty) Jill Lenox (Staff) Dexter Walsh (BSN JI) Hope Abarr (BSN J2), Hannah Sprik (BSN S1) Stacey O’Connor (BSN S2), Valerie Henley (MSN), Josh Richards (RN-BSN)
  • Changing Lives: It Makes Cents – Goal $500
    Faculty and staff compete with SLC students to collect the most silver change during the month of March.
    For more information: Contact: Emma Shotton (faculty) Shanelle Brewster & Jennifer Wright (Staff) Caitlin Lamb, Madison Petracek, (BSN Students)
  • Changing Lives: Be President – Goal $200
    Faculty, staff and students can book the President’s car spot during the month of March and park there the month of April. $5 a day.
    For more information: Contact: Luda Teterina, Dexter Walsh (BSN JI) Hope Abarr (BSN J2), Hannah Sprik (BSN S1) Stacey O’Connor (BSN S2)
  • Changing Lives: With Your Best Friend - Goal $100
    Faculty and staff (only) will be permitted to bring their dog to work on Friday, March 3 and donate $10. Faculty and staff are also invited to participate on this day by wearing a dog costume or bringing a stuffed dog to the College on that day.
    For more information: Contact: Jill Lenox & Veronica Navarro
  • Change Lives: Wear Jeans – Goal $200
    Faculty and staff can wear jeans to work on Monday, March 6 for a donation of $4.
    For more information: Contact: Valerie Henley and Mike Okpewho
  • Changing Lives: It's Our Goal – Goal $100
    Faculty, staff and students are invited to brag and wear their team’s t-shirt/ jersey and donate $4.
    For more information: Contact: Cheri Combs, Sarah Ashman and Marcia Ladage
  • Changing Lives: Share A Meal – Goal $500
    Faculty, staff and students are invited to participate in a potluck. Faculty and staff bring main dishes; students bring snacks and everyone shares in a meal. Participants make a cash donation of what they would have paid if going out to dinner.
    For more information: Contact: Sue McLaughlin, Christian Cooper & Saint Luke’s College AIDSWALK Kansas City Committee (faculty, staff & students)
  • Change Lives: Roll the Dice – Goal $150
    Get a team of four and join in a game of Bunco on Tuesday, March 28.
    For more information: Contact: Karen Komoroski, Shawnda Clark and Tere Naylor
  • AIDS Walk Kansas City 
    Sign up to walk or donate to the cause. 

Why Saint Luke’s & AIDS Walk Kansas City

  • Saint Luke’s Nursing Association (SLSNA) has volunteered and walked in this event for many years.
  • The Saint Luke’s Community is invited to be a part of this important event again this year in an expanded way.
  • This is the 29th year of the event in Kansas City.
  • We see this as a great opportunity to engage the College in an important community event and demonstrate its commitment to the community.
  • All the money raised will stay in Kansas City.
  • Saint Luke’s Health System is a co-sponsor of this community event.
HIV/AIDS in the United States Facts
  • Nearly 1.2M people are living with HIV/AIDS, and only one in eight know it.
  • From 2005 to 2014 the annual number of new HIV diagnoses has declined 19%.
  • Young people were the most likely to be unaware of their infection. Among people aged 13-24, an estimated 51% (31,300) of those living with HIV didn’t know.
HIV/AIDS in Kansas City
  • Nearly 5,000 men and women are living with HIV/AIDS in the 11 county areas.
  • HIV/AIDS infection rates in Kansas City are on the rise for black males, minority females and young adults ages 13 to 24.
  • AIDS is becoming a social justice issue.