A Nursing Story to Start Your Heart this Valentine’s Day

On November 17, 2016, alum Kevin Malleck, ‘14, BSN, RN surprised his former classmate and girlfriend Maria Christensen, ‘14, BSN, RN with a marriage proposal on the same spot where they met over four years ago — Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences.
“Kevin called asking to reserve a room at the College so he could propose to Maria,” said Assistant Professor Deb Grandstaff, MSN, RN.  “Who could say no to that?” As it turns out, no one would say “no” that day, especially not Maria.
“We were great friends from the very first semester,” said Christensen. “But as every nursing student knows, we were super busy, so I didn’t say yes to the first date.”
Even though she liked Kevin, Maria explained that balancing the demands of nursing school, work, and dating was too much. That all changed at the start of their fourth and final semester together when they gave dating a chance. And from there, the relationship grew.
Today, Malleck works in the interventional radiology department at the University of Kansas Hospital. Christenson works in Saint Luke’s Hospital’s medical surgical trauma intensive care unit. They each found their nursing niches and enjoy their jobs immensely. They hope to continue their nursing education one day, but for now, they have a wedding to plan.
The couple plan to tie the knot October 21, 2017, in Kansas City.