The College honored new BSN students with the White Coat Ceremony

On March 2, the first-semester BSN juniors were honored at the White Coat Ceremony. The ceremony was held at the Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral in Kansas City, Missouri.

The ceremony takes place at nursing colleges throughout the country and was established to champion scientifically-sound, compassionate care and to promote the importance of humanistic, patient-centered care to new nursing students.

Students were initiated into the nursing profession and received a Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences white coat. Students also received the Arnold P. Gold Foundation’s pin to serve as a visual reminder of the student's oath and commitment to providing compassionate, collaborative and scientifically excellent care.

Assistant Professor James Waterman gave the keynote address about Florence Nightingale whose efforts changed nursing and established it as a career of compassion and caring. Students then took the International Council of Nurses' Pledge promising to take care of all patients with dignity, respect and the highest level of skilled care.

College staff, faculty, students and their family and friends filled the Cathedral to near capacity to commemorate their start in nursing school and their commitment to education.