A bright 2018 awaits us as we continue to educate the health care leaders of tomorrow

Dear Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences family,
First and foremost, I want to personally wish you a very healthy and prosperous new year!  As always, let me start by thanking our new students, their parents, their children and their significant others for entrusting Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences with your education. To returning students, I hope this 2018 is better than the last.
“Educating the Health Care Leaders of Tomorrow.” With a rich history that spans over 100 years, our College today is better positioned than ever to deliver on its promise of educating the health care leaders of tomorrow. As each student steps through the doors of our College, we are committed to providing each of you a personal, diverse, and career-focused education with the foundation, experience, and global perspective needed for a successful career. Our core values continue to guide our actions to act with responsibility and equality through a mutual commitment to each other, to demonstrate excellence to all individuals and all populations we serve, and to respect each other through our actions and open and honest dialogue. Saint Luke’s embodies these values through excellent education, a student focus, a commitment to building personal relationships, and by caring for everyone we serve. Finally, by engaging in enriching co-curricular programs, we strengthen our students’ professional and personal growth.
I have said it many times, but I continue to trust that our institution is reenergized. The nursing programs at Saint Luke’s College continue to be considered one of the best in the region. Our licensure examination pass rates continue to be very positive and on the rise, and at the graduate level the College launched a family nurse practitioner program to better serve our constituents. 
In addition to our successes in nursing education, we have now reached several milestones that before were simply a dream. We have expanded the scope of academic support services offered through the Student Resource Center and services to our students continue to improve. We have created a general education program with a multicultural and global perspective. We have created the Pathways to Health and Science Education program as a bridge to promote and facilitate minority students to transition into our College. The College has been approved to offer the Associate of Science in Medical Assisting, the Associate of Arts in Allied Health and the Associate of Science in Allied Health programs. Today, we have transitioned into a comprehensive College of Health Sciences — an endeavor that many had on their wish list but today is a reality. 
This week, we are welcoming new students from diverse backgrounds into new allied health programs some of which are the first in their family to attend college and/or are from under-resourced populations. Because of these and many other reasons, we have a renewed sense of pride and ownership towards our College, our institution is stronger than ever and therefore holds a bright future.
We have an immense appreciation for the present because of our heritage and our past, but we continue our commitment to growing and revitalizing our institution, focusing on our community, and opening the doors of our College. 
As always, thank you for believing in Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences. 
Hubert Benitez, DDS, PhD
President and Chief Executive Officer
Barbara Meinke and Robert A. Kleist Endowed Professor