Learning experiences are intentionally created to move students beyond just knowledge to critical thinking.

Saint Luke’s College offers a vibrant and varied learning environment for educating nurses. The entire curriculum is developed by faculty who create their courses in keeping with the national Quality Matters standards. These criteria are foundational to building a robust curriculum that maximizes learning. 
Each degree program incorporates learning experiences that introduce students to multiple nursing environments, common nursing challenges, critical knowledge, and up-to-date nursing skills.
Examples of learning activities follow:
  • Hybrid courses include class meetings with faculty who may lecture and facilitate learning activities. These courses also include online learning activities that enable students to come prepared for class and that offer students some flexibility in planning their homework.
  • Elective courses give students an opportunity to study a narrowly focused area of nursing. Several elective courses include traveling overseas or to other areas of the United States to hold mini-clinics and work with vulnerable populations. 
  • Students will experience a variety of clinical states through activities in our state-of the-art Simulation Center.  
  • Students can practice their nursing skills in our open skills lab and prepare themselves for off-site clinicals.
  • Clinical experiences provide students with hospital-based learning.
  • Community-based clinicals introduce students to the challenges of caring for vulnerable populations in Kansas City. 
  • Our nursing classes are challenging, so students can seek additional information and assistance from our Peer Mentors Program.
  • Courses also incorporate delivery strategies to accommodate all learning styles. 
We want our students to be successful, and so our faculty are accessible when students have questions or need help. Every faculty member is available by appointment or during posted office hours, and via email or phone.