RN-BSN Track

The RN-BSN Track is designed to prepare licensed RNs to complete their BSN. It is a 30-credit-hour program and will take three semesters for those students who enroll in the program full-time. 

The College RN-BSN mission is to provide a quality education that builds on the RNs prior learning and nursing experience while recognizing their unique challenges when seeking a baccalaureate degree. The RN-BSN seeks to build on the strengths of the learner while supporting their developmental potential. Adult learning principles used throughout the curriculum facilitate meaningful learning that the student can use to impact their world immediately and in the long-term. The RN-BSN helps learners to transform their nursing practice by sharpening and improving critical thinking and reasoning, promoting leadership skills that enhances personal and professional possibilities, life-long learning, developing life-long professional relationships, and feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment.

RN-BSN Student Learning Outcomes

  • Apply enhanced critical thinking and reasoning skills to nursing practice.
  • Synthesize the theoretical basis of nursing and the application of evidence-based practice to nursing.
  • Implement higher level nursing skills and activities such as education, research, and policy making.
  • Engage in continued professional development and life-long learning.