RN-BSN Course Requirements
These courses are offered at the same time every year as indicated below.

Fall Semester
1st 8 Weeks
N393 Student Success Strategies: 1 Credit Hour
N401 Role Development and Professional Issues: 3 Credit Hours
N485 Health Assessment for Professional Nurse: 3 Credit Hours
2nd 8 Weeks
N487 Pathophysiology: 3 Credit Hours
N411 Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice: 3 Credit Hours
Total Hours -13

Spring Semester
1st 8 Weeks
N457 Pharmacology: 3 Credit Hours
N499 Organizational and System Leadership: 3 Credit Hours
2nd 8 Weeks
N489 Informatics: 3 Credit Hours
N482 Community/Public Health Theory: 3 Credit Hours
Total Hours -12

Summer Semester
N484 Community/Public Health Clinical Project: 3 Credit Hours
Total Hours - 3

Taken at anytime
Elective: 3 Credit Hours

Total Program Hours - 30