Nurse Educator Courses

The Nurse Educator track provides graduates with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be able to prepare and mentor future nurse leaders and patient care providers. In the classroom and in hospital settings, graduates are prepared to provide education regarding evidence-based practices to positively influence patient outcomes.

Fall Semester I
N501 Professional Role Development and Scholarly Writing: 3 Credit Hours
N505 Theoretical Foundations in Nursing Practice: 3 Credit Hours
N565 Advanced Pathophysiology and Disease States: 3 Credit Hours
Total  9

Spring Semester I
N515 Policy, Organization, Finance and Healthcare Systems: 3 Credit Hours
N529 Pharmacology for Nurse Educators I: 2 Credit Hours
N545 Advanced Healthcare Research: 3 Credit Hours
Total  8

Summer Semester I
N525 Health Promotion, Health Protection and Disease Prevention: 3 Credit Hours
N595 Advanced Health Assessment and Physical Diagnosis: 3 Credit Hours
Total 6

Fall Semester II
N681 Educational Theories and Conceptual Foundations of Nursing Education: 3 Credit Hours
N685 Instructional Strategies: 3 Credit Hours
N693 Applied Statistics for Advanced Nursing Practice: 2 Credit Hours
N698 Teaching Practicum and Role Development for the Nurse Educator I: 1 Credit Hour
Total 9

Spring Semester II
N700 Teaching Practicum and Role Development for the Nurse Educator II: 1 Credit Hour
N703 Curriculum Design for Nursing Education: 3 Credit Hours
N783 Educational Assessment and Evaluation Methods: 3 Credit Hours
N799 Capstone in Nursing Education: 1 Credit Hour
Total 8

Total 40