Common Core Course Requirement for All Graduate Programs

The common core builds upon the baccalaureate nurse competencies by expanding nursing knowledge, skills, and attitudes through the examination of advanced nursing roles in complex systems, the application of nursing theory to the advanced nursing practice; the examination of the intricacies of policy and finance in complex systems; the implementation of health promotion, health protection, and disease prevention; the impact of culture and local, national, and global trends affecting human health; and advanced research, pharmacology, and health assessment. 

N501 Professional Role Development and Scholarly Writing : 3 Credit Hours
N505 Theoretical Foundations in Nursing: 3 Credit Hours
N515 Policy, Organization, Finance and Healthcare Systems: 3 Credit Hours
N525 Health Promotion, Health Protection and Disease Prevention: 3 Credit Hours
N529* Pharmacology for Nurse Educators: 2 Credit Hours
N545 Advanced Healthcare Research: 3 Credit Hours
N565 Advanced Pathophysiology and Disease States: 3 Credit Hours
N575* Advanced Pharmacology: 3 Credit Hours
N595 Advanced Health Assessment and Physical Diagnosis: 3 Credit Hours
N596+ Advanced Health Assessment and Physical Diagnosis Practicum: 1 Credit Hours
N693 Applied Statistics for Advanced Nursing Practice: 2 Credit Hours

Total Graduate Core Credit Hours: 25-27

*N575 is for the AG-ACNP, and N529 is for the NE
+N596 is for AG-ACNP only.
N693 is offered only during the first semester of track specific courses.