BSN Track

The BSN program is a total of four years, the first two years of general education prerequisites are taken at the accredited school of your choice and next two years of upper division coursework is taken here at Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences.
The College mission is to provide a quality BSN education to a diverse student population that transforms them into nurse generalist leaders that promote high quality, safe, evidence-based practice. Through innovative education that develops the students’ leadership potential, foster community service, and encourages lifelong learning.
BSN Student Learning Outcomes:
  • Practices safe, effective holistic patient and family-centered nursing care with diverse individuals, families and populations
  • Consistently demonstrates professionalism and leadership
  • Synthesizes multiple ways of knowing to inform practice, make clinical judgments and creatively transform knowledge to provide humanistic, quality patient-centered care with tolerance for uncertainty and ambiguity
  • Collaborates with other disciplines and organizations to develop interventions and strategies that provide excellent patient outcomes
  • Uses principles of Quality Improvement, Evidence-Based Practice, healthcare policy, and cost-effectiveness to enhance patient outcomes, and participates in opportunities to engender change.

Course Requirements

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