Academic Calendar 2017-2018

Fall 201715 weeks
8/28/17Fall Semester Begins—All Programs
8/28/17Tuition and Fees Due
9/4/17Labor Day—No Classes Meet
9/21/17Mid-Term Grades Due/First 7.5-Week Courses
9/29/17Mid-Term Grades Due/10-Week Courses
10/13/17Mid-Term Grades Due/15-Week Courses
10/18/17Final Grades Due/First 7.5-Week Courses
10/18/17First 7.5-Week Courses End
10/19/2017Second 7.5-Week Courses Begin
11/3/1710-Week Courses End
11/6/175-Week Courses Begin
11/8/17Final Grades Due/10-Week Courses
11/13/17Mid-Term Grades Due/Second 7.5-Week Courses
11/20-11/24/17Thanksgiving Break—No Classes Meet
11/29/17Mid-Term Grades Due/5-Week Courses
12/11-12/14/17Final Exams
12/15/17Last Day of Semester
12/20/17Final Grades Due
Spring 201815 Weeks
1/8/18Spring Semester Begins—All Programs
1/8/18Tuition and Fees Due
1/15/18Martin Luther King Day—No Classes Meet
2/1/18Mid-Term Grades Due/First 7.5-Week Courses
2/9/18Mid-Term Grades Due/10-Week Courses
2/23/18Mid-Term Grades Due/15-Week Courses
2/28/18Final Grades Due/7.5-Week Course
2/28/18First 7.5-Week Courses End
3/1/18Second 7.5-Week Courses Begin
3/12-3/16/18Spring Break—No Classes Meet
3/23/1810-Week Courses End
3/26/185-Week Courses Begin
3/28/18Final Grades Due/10-Week Courses
3/30/18Good Friday - No Classes Meet
4/2/18Mid-Term Grades Due/Second 7.5-Week Courses
4/11/18Mid-Term Grades Due/5-Week Courses
4/23-4/26/18Final Exams
4/27/18Last Day of Semester
5/3/18Final Grades Due
Summer 201815 Weeks
5/7/18Summer Semester Begins—All Programs
5/7/18Tuition and Fees Due
5/28/18Memorial Day—No Classes Meet
6/27/18First 7.5-Week Session Ends
6/28/18Second 7.5-Week Courses Begin
7/2-7/6/18Summer Break—No Classes Meet
8/24/18Summer Semester Ends