RN-BSN Admissions Selection Process

Application packets will be reviewed by the admissions office as soon as the application is complete. Fulfillment of minimum admission criteria does not guarantee admission to the College.
1) Applicants are considered for admission based on their potential to complete the program and their possession of necessary functional abilities.
2) Following the review of the application, the admissions office will make one of the following decisions:
  • The applicant is accepted for admission. Any acceptance is contingent upon completion of all requirements.
  • The applicant is denied for admission.
3) The admissions office notifies applicants by email and sends information by mail notifying the applicant of acceptance/denial into the RN-BSN program.
4) Students who have been accepted into the nursing program will be allowed to begin their upper division nursing courses provided:
  • They meet all the above-stated admission criteria and requirements; and
  • Their grade point average is at 2.0 for general education coursework and 2.5 for nursing coursework.