Non-Degree-Seeking Student Admission Requirements and Application

A non-degree seeking student is one who has not been accepted into the Saint Luke’s College BSN degree program. Non-degree-seeking students may enroll in coursework subject to the following provisions:

1. Priority for enrollment in courses will be given to degree-seeking students.
2. Enrollment will be on a space-available basis.
3. Students must fulfill prerequisites for the course in which they wish to enroll.
4. Non-degree seeking students may enroll in no more than two courses, not to exceed eight credit hours. 

1. Secure the appropriate form from the Admissions Office.
2. Submit to the Admissions Office the following:
a. Completed Non-degree Status Enrollment Form
b. For courses with prerequisites, the following is required: a letter from the nursing program attended validating the student is or was enrolled and is or has left the program in satisfactory standing.
c. For courses with a clinical component, the following is required: a letter from the home nursing program attended validating person is current on CPR, Hepatitis B immunizations, TB skin test results, and has immunity to Rubella or current Rubella vaccination.
3. The Director for the BSN Track will review applications to enroll in courses with prerequisite requirements.
4. The Director for the BSN Track and the Lead Teacher for the course must approve enrollment in the course.
5. The non-degree-seeking student is eligible for the following services: Nursing Skills Lab and Library.
6. The non-degree-seeking student is not eligible for the following services: Financial Aid, Student Activities, Counseling/SAP, or Health Services.

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